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Our Story


 Welcome to La bohème, where style meets sustainability in the world of sunglasses. Our story is a journey from enthusiasts to creators, driven by a passion for eyewear and a commitment to the environment.

Our Mission
La bohème is committed to transforming the eyewear industry by seamlessly uniting luxury and sustainability, Crafting high-quality sunglasses from plant-based materials.

Through meticulous design, we aim to inspire conscious choices and contribute to a more sustainable future without compromising on luxury.

Our Vision
La bohème envisions a realm where high-end luxury seamlessly intertwines with sustainability. Our vision is to set new benchmarks in sustainable fashion, with each pair of La bohème sunglasses reflecting a dedication to timeless style and a minimized ecological footprint.

We aspire to be pioneers in encouraging a global shift towards a more sustainable and stylish tomorrow.

Our Journey

Our journey began as two sunglasses enthusiasts who shared a deep love for eyewear and a profound concern for the environment. Motivated by this passion, we embarked on a mission to create a brand that not only exudes elegance but also stands as a symbol of sustainable fashion.

Craftsmanship and Quality in Every Pair

Quality is paramount at La boheme Sunglasses. Hand-craft each pair with high attention to detail, ensuring not only the highest standards of luxury but also the durability and comfort that come with responsibly sourced materials. Our commitment to sustainability is matched by our dedication to providing a premium product that stands the test of time.

Premium Plant-Based Materials

We use premium plant-based materials to craft durable sunglasses and we aim to contribute to a healthier planet while delivering sunglasses that not only look good but also feel good to wear.

Thank you for choosing La bohème, where our journey to sustainable elegance continues, and every pair tells a story of conscious fashion.